Dak Mi 4C Hydropower Plant Project – Quang Nam province belongs to the small and medium hydropower ladder planning in Quang Nam province, utilizing the water source through electricity generation from downstream Dak Mi 4B hydropower plant combined with additional water from the Blau stream to generate electricity.

1. Name: Dak Mi 4C Hydropower Plant

2. Location: Phuoc Hoa commune , Phuoc Son district, Quang Nam province

3. Capacity: 18MW, consists of 02 units

4. 4. Annual average electricity output: 69,1 million kWh

5. Progress milestones:

- Commencement: November 28, 2008

- Power generation of Unit 1: October 21, 2012

- Power generation of  Unit 2: December 31, 2012

- Finish: December 31, 2012

6. Total investment capital: 423 billion VND

7. Investor and general contractor: IDICO

8. Operational management unit: Dak Mi Hydropower JSC