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Vietnam's e-commerce market in recent years has been recognized as one of the fastest growing markets in Southeast Asia. The average growth rate of e-commerce in the period of 2016-2019 is about 30%. The scale of e-commerce retailing consumer goods and services has increased from 4 billion USD in 2015 to about 13.2 billion USD in 2020; The average growth rate in the period of 2020-2025 is forecasted to continuouslly keep at 29% and by 2025, the market scale may be up to 52 billion USD.

The strong growth of the retail and e-commerce markets, especially during the outbreak of the pandemic, has contributed to boosting the demand for warehouse rental of businesses. To meet that demand, Logistics Real Estate investors are expanding and modernizing their warehouse, packaging and distribution systems to improve order processing speed, delivery, and cost savings, increasing competitiveness, serving the maximum requirements of customers.

In the South, e-commerce firms, logistics investors such as Tiki, Shopee, Lazada, Best Inc., Logos... have set up Logistics Real Estates in Binh Duong, Dong Nai and the region suburbs adjacent to the city center of Ho Chi Minh city. However, at present, the land fund in these areas is not much and has not been replenished in time; Investors are looking for new positions with similar or better positions to expand and develop. In particular, in the area of ​​Duc Hoa district, Long An province, some big investors such as Cainiao (belonging to Alibaba Group - China), JD Property - Hong Kong have also invested and are setting up real estate projects after needed here..

Location of Huu Thanh IDICO Industrial Park in the overall traffic planning of the Southern Key Economic Region

Huu Thanh Industrial Park is located in Duc Hoa district, Long An province with area of ​​​​524.14ha, industrial land for lease of 395.41ha, under construction, eligible to attract investment. With a strategic location adjacent to the Ho Chi Minh city and the traffic system are smoothly connected, which can shorten the delivery speed to the Ho Chi Minh city. Therefore, Huu Thanh Industrial Park is receiving great attention from many Logistics Real Estate Investors and promises to be the best warehouse and cold storage logistics service center serving traditional retail activities, e-commerce, pharmaceutical distribution, vaccines...

In addition, Huu Thanh Industrial Park is also an ideal destination with many practical benefits for investors operating in many different fields when developing projects here, specifically:

- Benefit from the traffic - urban expansion projects from the Ho Chi Minh City;

- Easy access to abundant in labour, low-cost labor resources;

- The best land rental in the area, long-term operation until 2069.

- Easy access to the Ho Chi Minh City - the largest and most dynamic consumer market in the country…

In addition, IDICO is a prestigious industrial park developer in Vietnam; has experience in building technical infrastructure systems of industrial parks, is aiming to build quality industrial real estate ecosystems; Along with the free care and support services for applying for an Investment Registration Certificate and establishing a business, it will help investors shorten the implementation time and improve the project investment efficiency.