1. Project name: My Xuan A Port construction investment project

2. Location                    : My Xuan commune, Phu My town, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. My Xuan A Port boundary is adjacent to:

+ The Northern orientation is adjacent to      : The conveyor corridor of Cam Pha cement grinding station.

+ The Southern orientation is adjacent to     : Road No. 2B of My Xuan A Industrial Zone.

+ The Western orientation is adjacent to       : Thi Vai river.

+ The Eastern orientation is adjacent to      : My Xuan A Industrial Zone.

3. Total area              : 55,18ha

4. Total capital: 1,478 billion VND

5. Project scale:

            - Quantity of goods through the port:

            + Phase I (to 2010)        : 1.000.000 tons/year

            + Phase II (2010 – 2020)             : 3.000.000 tons/year

            - The largest vehicle to dock:

            + Phase I (to 2010)   : Ship with 15.000DWT.

            + Phase II (2010-2020)        : Ship with 30.000DWT.

            - The implementation duration       : 50 years

            - The implementation schedule:

            + Phase I                 : 2011-2013

            + Phase II                : 2015-2018

6. Function: My Xuan A port is a general port to transfer container goods, packed goods, and bulk cargo to serve investors in My Xuan A Industrial Zone and surrounding areas.

7. The goal of port construction: To serve the needs of importing raw materials and exporting production products from My Xuan A Industrial Zone as well as surrounding areas and VKTTDPN.

8. The implementation investment:

The project has completely implemented the following steps: compensation and site clearance – issuance of land use right certificate; Environmental impact assessment; Making and approving investment projects; Construction drawing and Total estimated cost.