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On December 16, 2020, an online seminar was held between enterprises of Hyogo province (Japan) and enterprises of Long An province, Ho Chi Minh city and Can Tho city. IDICO attended the seminar as an Huu Thanh IP Developer in Duc Hoa District, Long An Province.

At the seminar, Director of the Department of Planning and Investment of Long An province - Mr. Huynh Van Son said: Japan is the country ranked 4th in 40 countries and territories investing directly in Long An with 160 projects, total investment capital of more than 600 million USD, investment projects from Japan to Long An are increasing day by day and existing projects are constantly expanding scale and increasing investment capital.


The online siminar with enterprises of Hyogo province - Japan. Image: IDICO

With favorable conditions on location, transport infrastructure, international seaports, international border gates, abundant labor force, attractive policies... Long An wishes to connect Enterprises in the province with Hyogo investors to implement many cooperation programs in fields such as high-tech industrial production, supporting industries, machinery engineering, component production electronics, green industry, construction - clean energy projects, renewable energy.

In addition, Long An always creates conditions for Japanese investors to invest in construction and completion of water supply and drainage projects to ensure a clean living environment and increase the quality of life for people; urban, real estate development near Ho Chi Minh city; logistics; providing high quality services in association with Long An international Port.

In Long An province, IDICO is investing the Huu Thanh Industrial Park in Duc Hoa district. The IP has an area of ​​524ha, industrial land for lease 395.41ha, was started construction in June 2020 and started to attract investors, land lease term is long (49 years), land rental price very attractive compared to the surrounding area.

With location adjacent to the Ho Chi Minh city - The largest dynamic economic center in the country; located at the traffic gateway connecting the western provinces with Ho Chi Minh City, the Southeastern provinces, the Central Highlands and Cambodia ... Huu Thanh Industrial Park is an ideal destination with many practical benefits for investors develops here, specifically:

Benefit from transportation infrastructure - urban expansion from Ho Chi Minh City; easily connects to important traffic hubs, airports and harbors.

Easy access to the largest and most dynamic consumer market in the country ...;

Easy access to abundant labor, low cost; convenient for recruitment

In addition, IDICO is the prestigious industrial park developer in Vietnam with experience in building industrial park infrastructure, ensuring good quality to meet the needs of investors; Along with the best support services will help investors shorten the implementation time and improve the efficiency of project investment.