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  • Phu My 2 IP:
    Phu My 2 industrial park near ports system; Phu My 2 industrial park has natural gas; Phu My 2 industrial park has good land rental
  • Investor/ Developer:
    IDICO (Vietnam Urban And Industrial Zone Development Investment Corporation) - The prestigious developer of industrial parks in Vietnam.
  • Address:
    Phu My town, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province
  • Total area:
  • Infrastructure:
    Completing investment in construction of technical infrastructure system for investors.
  • Investment attraction:
    The occupied land area is 77.24%
  • Operation duration:
    2005 - 2055

Phu My 2 industrial park in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, near ports and has natural gas

Location: Phu My 2 industrial park is located in Phuoc Tan and Phu My wards, Phu My town, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province.

  • The North:     Adjacent to Phu My 1 Industrial Zone;
  • The East:      Adjacent to Provincial Road No. 965;
  • The South:    Adjacent to Cai Mep Industrial Zone;
  • The West:     Adjacent to Ba son shipyards & Thi Vai port.

* Advantages of Phu My 2 industrial park:

  • Phu My 2 industrial park near ports such as Cai Mep port, Phu My port, SP-PSA port... These ports are serving for big vessels (80,000-120,000DWT). These ports are located on the most important and active international water transportation routes of region and the world, with equipment for loading and unloading goods, modern warehouse system. The major shipping lines in the world are using these port facilities. This is a big advantage supports for investors saving many freight and logistics cost...

  • Phu My 2 industrial park has natural gas to supply for investors. This is a big advantage of industrial zone.

  • Phu My 2 industrial park has internal port system, which can receive vessel, barges of up to 3,000 tons, advantages in transportation of the domestic materials and goods...

  • Phu My 2 industrial park has good land rental, competitive with near industrial zones.

  • For inland transportation, it connects to the Southeastern provinces and Southern key economic region via Road Route 965 and National Highway 51. These roads have been completely invested to serve the needs of trade, transportation, materials, goods, etc…

  • Phu My 2 industrial park has industrial land for projects with big sacle of area. 

  • Phu My 2 industrial park has the wastewater system in operation with capacity 4,000m3/day.

  • The technical infrastructure system of the Industrial zone planned and invested in synchronous construction including the internal road traffic system, power supply, water supply, storm-water drainage, wastewater drainage, wastewater treatment system. 

* Weakness:

  • It has factories manufacturing heavy industry like metallurgy.

  • Soil strength is quite soft so the high expense for foundation with factories has heavy equipments.

  • Recruitment of labors for projects that use many labors (500-1,000 labors) will be implemented as phase to phase.

Phu My 2 industrial park in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, near ports and has natural gas
Power supply of Phu My 2 IP:

- Source of power: supplied by Phu My Electricity/ Ba Ria - Vung Tau Electricity from the National Grid.

- Supplied Power Voltage: 22kV. The Power Price at 22kV (not including VAT) in accordance with the Government at Decision No. 648.QD-BCT dated March 23, 2019):

+ Normal time:    1,555VND/Kwh
+ Peak time:        2,871 VND/Kwh
+ Off peak time:  1,007 VND/Kwh

Phu My 2 industrial park in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, near ports and has natural gas
Water supply of Phu My 2 IP:

- Supply: It is assured to supply cleaned water from Toc Tien water plant with volume of 50,000 m3/day to the fence of factories continuously 24hours/day;

- Water price (Not including VAT): 12,500VND/m3

Phu My 2 industrial park in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, near ports and has natural gas
Telecommunication of Phu My 2 IP:

Telecommunication network is provided by several operators such as VNPT, FPT, Viettel, etc. It ensures smooth communication throughout the country and internationally. It includes all services such as telephone, mobile phone, fax, internet;

Phu My 2 industrial park in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, near ports and has natural gas
Water drainage of Phu My 2 IP:

It includes: storm-water and wastewater drainage systems. They are planned and constructed separately, running along internal roads to ensure the collection of all storm-water and wastewater from plants in IZ.

- Storm-water is directly discharged into receiving water source.

- Wastewater is collected to Center Wastewater Treatment Plant of IZ and thoroughly treated to meet the required standards before being discharged into environment.

Phu My 2 industrial park in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, near ports and has natural gas
Wastewater treatment of Phu My 2 IP:

- Center Wastewater Treatment Plant is located PM2 IP receiving industrial wastewater from the fences of plants.

- Capacity in the 1st phase : 4,000 m3/ day.

- Waste water treatment fee (for reference): 0.4USD/m3

Phu My 2 industrial park in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, near ports and has natural gas
Internal and External transportation of Phu My 2 IP:

- Road 965 at the East-Southern, through PM2IZ, length 2,065m, planning cross-section 75m;

- Inter-port road at the West of PM2IZ, cross-section 50m;

- Main road D3, length 1,443.14m, cross-section 63m, lane for cars 24m, road divider 3m;

- Main road N6, length 1,410m, cross-section 31m, lane for cars 15m;

- Others are 02 lanes, width 8m.

Supply natural gas of Phu My 2 IP:

- Phu My 2 industrial park has natural gas to supply for investors. 

- There two compnies supply natural gas: PVGAS D company connect from gas distribution substation of Phu My 1 IP and Hai Linh company in Phu My 2 IP. 

- The natural gas source from Nam Con Son mine with large reserves.

- The clean fuel and environmentally friendly



Fields of investment

1. Fields of Investment: Phu My 2 is the multi-industry industrial zone, in which the province’s policy of investment attraction is industries using modern technology, saving resources, land, power, water and environmental friendliness. Specifically, some industries are as follows:

- Producing construction materials;

- Producing and processing equipment and steel;

- Processing mechanic, manufacturing machinery and equipment;

- Electric and electronic industry;

- The industry needs port use;

- Other industries that are not prohibited by law.

2. Temporarily unattractive and limitative fields of investment:

a. Temporarily unattractive fields:

- Processing cassava starch (cassava)

- Processing rubber latex;

- Production of basic chemicals generating industrial wastewater;

- Dying

- Leather.

b. Limitative fields:

- Plating industry;

- Processing aquatic products;

- Production of plant protection chemical (with industrial wastewater);

- Production of Fertilizer (with industrial wastewater);

- Producing paper pulp.



1. Corporation income tax (CIT): 20%

2. Incentives on tax:

- The incentive tax rate will be 17% for first 10 consecutive years since the first year project making taxable income. After the time of applying this incentive tax rate is expired, enterprises will switch to apply the tax rate of 20% for subsequent years.

3. Enterprises will be exempted for 02 years and reduced by 50% for 4 subsequent years from the availability of taxable incomes.

+ Time for tax exemption and reduction is continuously calculated from the first year that the enterprise has taxable income from the project;

+ In case, the enterprise is unavailable of taxable incomes for the first three years (from the first year making taxable income), the tax reduction and exemption period is calculated from the fourth year.

The above CIT rate is based on the Decree no. 218/2013/ND-CP dated Dec. 26, 2013; Decree no. 118/2015/ND-CP dated Nov. 12, 2015.

4. Import tax: Enterprise is exempted import tax for imported goods in accordance with Article 16 of the Law on Export Tax and Import Tax No. 45/2005/QH11 dated 14 June 2005 and Article 12 of Decree No. 87/2010/ND-CP dated 13 August 2010 of the Government detailing the implementation of a number of article of the Import and Export Tax Law.

Incentive Tax_industrial_zone

The land leasing price and fees at Phu My 2 industrial zone:

1. The Infrastructure Using Fee (not including VAT): Please contact with Investment Dept. 

2. Management fee (not including VAT): Please contact with Investment Dept. 

3. Land leasing price to be paid to Government: Please contact with Investment Dept. 

4. Water price (not including VAT): Please contact with Investment Dept. 

5. Wastewater treatment fee (not including VAT): Please contact with Investment Dept. 


Steps of investment into Phu My 2 industrial park:

1. Investors study conditions and the actual subleasing of industrial zones with IDICO.

2. Investors agree conditions for signing Land Subleasing Memorandum (MOU) with IDICO:

- Validity of MOU is 04 months;

- Making the deposit payment equivalent to 5% amount of infrastructure using fee, this deposit shall be deducted from the payments of Land Subleasing Contract;

- Within 04 months, the investors must implementing the procedure of the Investment Registration Certificate and Establishing a new Enterprise of  project to sign the Land Subleasing Contract with IDICO;

3. The procedures which investors shall implement:

3.1. Implementing the procedure of applying for principle approval on Investment project with the Authority (It would take from 15 to 30 days);

3.2. If the investment project is approved, the investors continue to carry out the procedure for the Investment Registration Certificate (IRC) (I would take 15 days).

3.3. At the same time, the procedure for preparing and applying for the approval of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) are submitted at the EIA authority (It would take 60 - 90 days)

3.4. After getting the Investment Registration Certificate, Investor apply for the Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC) for project.

3.5. Within 30 days, from the date issuance of the IRC and ERC, the Land Subleasing Contract will be signed by the 2 parties;

3.6. Applying for a construction permit:

- After the investors sign the Land Subleasing Contract; At the same time, the Project was approved the EIA; The design has been approved for fire prevention and fighting, the investors carry out the procedures for applying for a construction permit with the Authority.

- After being granted the construction permit, investors will carry out the construction of the Project.

Procedures_of_investment into industrial zone


G+84 28 39312660                         idico_dang_ky_thue_nha_xuongLand Leasing Register Form



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POSCO SS-VINA Co.,Ltd Special steel Korea
Tung Ho Vietnam Steel Co.,Ltd Steel billet Taiwan
NIPPON Sumikin Vietnam Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd Steel pipes Japan
Linde Vietnam Co.,Ltd  Industrial gased Germany
Behn Meyer Agricare Vietnam Co.,Ltd Fertilizer Germany
PTL Logistics Services Co.,Ltd Warehouse, Logistic Australia
Phu My Cai Mep Port Services Co.,Ltd Port service VietNam
Ban Thach Port Services Co.,Ltd Port service VietNam
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