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Resumption of the operation of Dak Mi 3 hydropower plant prior to raining season

On August 13, 2021, Dak Mi 3 Hydropower Plant located in Quang Nam province resumed the electricity generation to the power grid after 10 months of urgent restoration from historically recorded flood in October 2020.


Resumption of the operation of Dak Mi 3 hydropower plant prior to raining season. Image: IDICO



The Storm No. 9 dated October 28, 2020 stroke some provinces of Vietnam from Quang Nam to Quang Ngai causing a historical recorded flood that ingulfted the entire area of Dak Mi 3 Hydropower Plant with about 30,000 m3 of soil and rock buried in the hydropower plant; The turbine chamber was flooded deeply and buried under sandy soil. This incident caused heavy damage to machinery, equipment and the Plant, as well as reduced the effective capacity of reservoir. It also not only costed for resumption, but also lost the stable revenue due to not being able to generate electricity.

From such situation, the leaders of IDICO urgently applied the settlement measures, mobilization of sources to resume the power operation in the shortest time. With the best efforts of the employees, the cooperation of the contractors, the Plant resumed the operation on Au. 13, 2021 amid the the joyfull spirit of all employees and Corporation.

Dak Mi 3 hydropower plant, with a total installed capacity of 63 MW with 2 units and annual electricity output of 211.9 million KWh, started construction in April 2014 and completed in August 2017. This Plant creates the annual turn over of approximately 10 million USD. The resumption of the Plant will create the stable income and business efficiiency for IDICO in coming time and it is promissing the sustainable development of IDICO.